Monday, October 24, 2005

Stardate 59812.7 - For Your Reading Pleasure

Some of you may be paying attention to the short list of blogs that I have links to over in the right-hand pane on this page. Some of you may realize and/or recognize that the list is full of friends, relatives, and some relatives who are friends. :-) There is also a link on there to Jessica Stover, and probably no-one knows why that link is there, since she is not a relative and none of my friends recognize her as part of that elite group (most of my friends know most of my friends...I'm a big believer in cross-pollination). And anyway, it seems a little presumptuous for me to call her a friend as I've never met her in person, we've never hung out, I don't have her IM address, and we've only chatted via e-mail.

I put it there because I think her blog is great, and I really enjoy reading it. She also is quick to respond if I drop her an e-mail, which either means she has way too much time on her hands, or she doesn't get much e-mail these days. It certainly is not due to my razor sharp wit or stunning good looks. Regardless, I feel way cooler when I see my name up on her blog, like I did when I contributed (pretty significantly, if I do say so myself [pats self on back]) to a story her readers were writing as a group. (Now you have to look through the comments to see my name, but believe me, I was in an actual blog entry before the story was finished!)

My point is, she has published a book, just in time to stuff your stocking. I've ordered one, and I recommend you do, too. If it is anything like her blog, it is going to be entertaining. And it may even tell you why Ninjas are better than pirates.


JM said...

I can confirm that Curt has made the main page of JSDC and has earned Ninja respect for his sweet additions to a short story the Wingmen wrote together.

And, maybe I'm just a really fast e-mailer, GOSH!

(Thanks, Curt.)


CAPT_Sawyer said...

Wow, a J.Sto comment on my blog! Now that's pretty cool...

-s said...

Curt, touched by fame!

Paul said...

I can confirm that I ordered a book as well.