Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stardate 59758.11 - Command Center and Shower Pixs

For those people who wondered what my at-home work environment looks like, here it is. Here is the "Captain's Ready Room". And apparently I had just eaten something, as evidenced by the plate on the chair. Actually, that is Magic's chair. He has shredded it so much, and it is so old and has lost so much cushion, that I don't use it anymore. He sits in it next to me while I work.

He are Cheryl and me at the shower her parents' threw for us in New Jersey.

And here are Cheryl, Monique, and Denise (with baby Alison). They were all housemates on "S" street in Georgetown when they were getting their undergraduate degrees there. Monique is an attorney in DC now, and Denise is a Major in the Air National Guard.

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