Monday, October 17, 2005

Stardate 59792.81 - New Look

We've purchased some new rugs for the apartment, and we finally got them all into place on Saturday. Here is the new, red carpet for the living room. It is much more plush than the jute rug we had in here before, and therefore much more appropriate for a baby to crawl on. Right now we have a little too much furniture in here, but we plan to move the yellow butterfly chair and its ottoman out and into the study/kid's room once we get the old futon out of there (now scheduled for this Sunday). We also just ordered a cotton rug for the study, so we'll finally have to roll up the Noah rug we bought at my cousin's gymnastic auction years ago. It might make a nice wall hanging but it has to get cleaned first.

We moved the jute rug into the bedroom under the bed, and we also purchased a new bedspread that seems to go pretty well with the rug. The wall hanging Cheryl brought back from South Africa a few years ago when she was there for business. We threw out the old carpet, which we had purchased back when we were in the house in Virginia.

We have a new carpet for under the dining room table as well. Magic had really adopted this carpet and spends a lot of time on it now, under the table.

And here are the cats, just hanging out in the living room. They usually don't get this close to each other, so this is an unusual pose.

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