Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stardate 60337.48 - Babies and Passports

Who knew that getting a passport for a baby was so complicated? Cheryl has a potential work trip coming up, and it is just long enough that it will be really, really inconvenient to try and pump enough milk to last for the duration (not to mention the fact that Loren many times wants to drink herself to sleep, and not on a bottle!). So Cheryl will probably take Loren with her, and we're trying to swing having Cheryl's parents go on the trip as well.

Why am I not going, you may ask? Because once again, I am leading a portion of a proposal effort which may or may not overlap with her trip. And I won't know for sure if there will be an overlap until about 2 weeks before Cheryl has to leave. That is one very frustrating aspect of my work - the uncertainty of things like this.

So we're off to get a passport for her, and I do mean "we" - we both are required to be there (to keep one spouse from trying to flee the country with a kid, I suppose). And I'm quite curious as to how the photo is going to turn out, since she is still a bit sporadic about holding herself upright when seated.

My passport expires next year, but Cheryl just got an updated one last year. It was always a pain with her old one, as she got it prior to our marriage so her name on her tickets never matched the name in the passport and she always had to show the person where the name change addendum had been added. What a hassle. But her new one (which hasn't even been used yet) doesn't have that issue.


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JC said...

Where might Cheryl go for her trip?

If her parents aren't free, I want to go!!! ha ha...