Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stardate 60406.27 - Leaving, On a Jet Plane

So Cheryl and Loren are off and heading out of the country for Cheryl's business trip, with Cheryl's parents in tow. I'm going to be living the bachelor lifestyle this week, which means lots of uninterrupted movies, lots of uninterrupted sleep, an uninterrupted D&D game, and because it wouldn't do to have me home alone all week - a couple of days business trip of my own. And the car needs to be inspected this week. Excitement abounds.

We spent most of the day packing, or at least Cheryl did. I spent most of the day with Loren, to make sure she napped some and to make sure Cheryl had time to pack. So Loren had a lot of Daddy time today, which is good because we won't see each other for a week!

So now I'm off to do the exciting activities of cleaning the kitchen, picking up from the whirlwind departure, and figuring out if Pepboys is open tomorrow and if so are they inspecting cars. Tomorrow I'm also going to see the X-Men movie, even if Jess said she didn't like it.

And I already miss Cheryl and Loren.


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