Sunday, May 14, 2006

Stardate 60366.95 – Mother’s Day Entry

This is going to be a long one, so everyone who complains about the length of James’ entries better hang on to your hats! Lots to report, so stick through it to the end.

Pre-first, Blogger totally sucks. It just destroyed this entire post and now I'm trying to get it back in place before we leave for Church. If the fonts are off and different sizes, BLAME BLOGGER!

First, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. If you didn't know today was Mother's Day, then you still have a few hours to call your Mom before she realizes that you are an ungrateful child who cares nothing for her! This was Cheryl's first Mother's Day as a Mom, so I took care of Loren while she went to have her hair done. While she was out Loren and I got Cheryl roses, a card, and a dessert from Gourmet Garage and surprised her with them all. We also sent flowers to our mothers, and my Mom already called to thank me and tell me they were great!

Second, last night was the first night that we went out on a date and left Loren with a babysitter. Yes, we went to a movie a few months ago and left her with Cheryl's parents, but this was the first time we left her with people not related to us. It was a bit traumatic as we left the apartment because Loren was tired and crying. We knew she was in good hands, however, because her babysitter was one of the teachers at her day care center. Specifically, it was the one Loren seems to really like (although she also brought her sister along to help). So we were not worried about the level of care, but more about Loren getting freaked out being at home with her daycare people there instead of us!

To make a long story even longer, we went to MOMA for about an hour, then Cheryl did some clothes shopping, then we ate at The Modern. Let me talk about the shopping trip for just a second. Why do torso mannequins need butt crack? The picture may not show it very well, but all the torso mannequins had butt cracks showing at the store!

Moving on, the food at the Modern was fantastic! I don't mind paying a little extra for really good food; I mind paying a lot extra for ok food. The Modern was a little extra for fantastic food! The portion sizes are small, but that just meant more room for desert. The beignets were awesome! When we got back home the babysitter had had no problems with Loren, and actually had gotten her to go to bed and fall asleep! We will definitely be doing that again.

Third, Jessica Stover put up a great trailer for her book that you really should watch - even Cheryl thought it was funny and you all know she has high standards. After all, look who she married...ha, ha, ha! Jess has also redesigned her main home page, so now Steve can stop bitching about how he has to scroll to see it at 800x600 resolution (who the hell uses that resolution anymore?!?).



JamesF said...

People complain about the length of my entries?!?

-s said...

Her old site scrolled at much higher resolutions as well!

-s said...

So did you not do the prix fixe menu?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

James - Surprise! Or maybe it is just me. You'll never know for sure.

Steve - Quit complaining! And we did not do the prix fixe menu, we ate in the bar room so we could wear nice jeans and not work clothes (i.e. suits).