Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stardate 60356.91 - Firefox and Blogger Issues

I am very unhappy right now, and have just spent 90 minutes fixing this blog - time that I will now have to make up for work. Here is what happened, short version.

Do not, do not, do not use Firefox to edit your template under blogger and then open a new tab. If you switch back and forth between the blogger modify template tab and another web site tab, the blogger template window will truncate.

Longer version. I had Firefox opened and was editing my blogger template to add a link. I opened a new tab, then tried to cut and paste something from the second tab back into the template editing window in the first tab. When I switched back to the first tab, the template was truncated. I didn't notice, saved the template, and published it. My blog went to hell. 90 minutes later, I have a new, fresh template up with some of my original links in place.

Shame on Firefox and/or Blogger for this problem. And shame on Blogger for running slower than a drunk grandmother. Speaking of which, is it my imagination or for the past few weeks has blogger had lots of problems? Problems with response times, problems with posting items, and problems just staying up? I know it is a free service so I should not be complaining, but I’m seriously thinking about moving my blogs to some other, more reliable service. It is doubly disappointing because it used to run quite smoothly and response times were really very good. But the past month or so it has just been awful.



JamesF said...

Yesterday I think blogger was down most of the morning.

If you think you're missing links, I'm may have a cached version of your old site somewhere if you want me to try and recreate anything for you.

-s said...

Blogger has been miserably slow the past few weeks. There were a couple of times when I wanted to do work and couldn't access anything.

Rick Anderson said...

It's free and there's no adverts. I'm not sure that I understand their business model - but I'll take a few bumps in the road if I don't have to pay.

Joanne said...

I encountered the same problem too - especially last month - and it was extremely frustrating to recover whatever is lost! I didn't think it was because of Mozilla / opening a new tab though; it seemed to be just an incomplete save because of Blogger's slow / problematic server. I have now taken to doing a quick Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V into Notepad before clicking on "Save template". That saved me a lot of heartache. Give it a shot.

-s said...

Oh yeah -- my other blogger complaint over the last month or two has been its inability to save drafts of posts. If you hit "Save as Draft" it just disappeared into the ether.

Business model? hehehe it's a Google product. Control of the world's information at any price is their business model!

GodsMoon said...

Dude I had the same problem a could of days ago and it sucked terribly. Luckily I had a decent copy of my template saved.
What do you think the problem is?
Is the problem with Blogger or with Firefox?