Monday, May 08, 2006

Stardate 60349.68 - What I'm Watching

The last time I posted what I was watching on TV was October 2005 (pre-Loren), so I thought an update might be in order.

Couple of notes:
  • If a series is ending (like West Wing), I've removed it from the list.
  • I don't count the news or The Daily Show in my averages. They are "free".
  • Cheryl watches much less than an hour a day and has a much lower threshold for TV viewing than I do.
  • On average, I watch an hour a day. I know that the totals below are more than 7 hours, but Deadwood is rarely on with new episodes, and the same goes for Battlestar Galactica. Also we usually save up the Law & Order shows and save them to watch during weeks of reruns. And it is a rare week when all of the shows below have new episodes on - even during sweeps something is frequently pre-empted for sports or something. So I'm sticking with my story that it is an hour of TV a day.


  • Family Guy -– I still think the first season is the best, but I continue to watch. It was at its best when Stewie was trying to take over the world.
  • Deadwood -– If you can get past the profanity, it is actually a pretty good story with really good characters. Short seasons however, and often in re-runs. I cannot even remember the last time a new episode was on - I think it has been at least 6 months.


  • NCIS -– The Navy version of CSI. If I am watching this and Cheryl is in the room she will pay attention, but otherwise she doesn't see it.
  • Law & Order SVU - I have gotten sucked into this one, although it is pretty depressing. Also one Cheryl watches.

  • Lost -– If you don'’t watch it, you don'’t get it. And if you don'’t get it, you just don'’t get it. Cheryl watches this one. Lost and 24 are the two "can't miss" shows for Cheryl.
  • Law & Order -– These usually sit on the DVR until a night with all re-runs and then we watch them. Cheryl also watches.

  • CSI -– My father-in-law got me started watching this show, and I really enjoy it.
  • Battlestar Galactica -– Greatest show on television, but it has really short seasons and they are sporadic.
  • Cheryl watches What Not to Wear, her guilty pleasure, but I usually do not, or I am reading or something else while it is on.

  • Nothing

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BullBunky said...

Hmmmm, I watch none of those. Curt, how do we have anything to talk about?

We seem to be down to three shows. Our favorite is Boston Legal. We are still loyal to West Wing. And we have gotten caught up in Deperate Housewives. But of the three, Boston Legal is the only show we would rush home to see.