Monday, May 29, 2006

Stardate 60408.62 - X-Men III: The Last Stand

And my movie-watching continues! I just got back from seeing X-Men III: The Last Stand. I also went ahead and read both James's review and Jess' review before I wrote my own, so I won't repeat too much of their observations. I encourage you to read what they had to say.

I agree with James that the real violence seemed toned down. Oh, there was violence a plenty, but nothing at all graphic. I mean, come on, Wolverine fights with blades. He stops you by killing you. But most of his fights were treated more like he was knocking people out. I wouldn't have thought this was such a noticeable item, but in contrast the profanity seemed to be pumped up. Now, people who know me know that I haven't met a swear word I haven't liked, but I got the feeling that the violence was toned down for the kids but at the same time the profanity was turned up. Just an observation. Or maybe it was because the movie was PG-13 that the profanity stood out (Jess' observation).

I'm not going to analyze it, because James and Jessica have said plenty and I've shown you above the links to their reviews. In quick summary, I thought a lot of the dialog was bad, I thought there were some places it dragged, and I think the story was not well written. I did like Kelsey Grammer as Beast, except that it seemed like Fraiser was playing Beast. Yes, the special effects and fights were pretty cool but they always are in big budget movies these days.

And apparently, according to James, there is a scene after the credits that I missed as I was worried about the threat of rain and left part-way through them. Oh, well.

I guess I give it a thumbs down.


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