Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stardate 60413.76 - Car Inspection

This is what I spent most of the morning looking at - the car counter at PepBoys. Knowing that they always are crowded, and waiting until the last day of the month to get my car inspected, I showed up at 0730 this morning (30 minutes before the opened). The up side is that I read the entire New York Times this morning.
I got checked in first, and asked for an oil change and the state inspection. I was told that the inspector gets there at 0900. By 1000 I was getting a little impatient and the manager spotted me and noticed (he had been the one who checked me in, by the way) and asked me what car was mine. He then told me mine was ready ("just pulling it out") and he checked me out. I suspect it had been ready for 20-30 minutes and they just never called my name, even though I was sitting right next to the counter in plain view as the photo clearly shows.

Regardless, the pain that is getting the car inspected is over for another year.


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-s said...

One great thing about Oregon is no car inspections.