Monday, May 29, 2006

Stardate 60409.06 - Sin City Review

Ok, this may have to be the final movie of the day. Just finished watching Sin City, which clocked in at over 2 hours. I have to give it a thumbs-up. I was entertained, it was visually interesting, and I didn't think it took itself too seriously. It was just tongue-in-cheek enough that I could give the more outlandish scenes a pass.

The temperature is finally going back down here in NYC, after a high of over 85 degrees. I went out again earlier for a quick stop at Gourmet Garage and purchased some items for dinner, including salad greens so Cheryl will be happy I'm keeping up my vegetable intake while she is away, and not eating every meal out. With her away on her trip our delicate balance of her cooking and me cleaning has been upset.



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