Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stardate 60358.98 - Loren is Now 6-Months Old

It is hard to believe that Loren is now 6-months old! We met with the Priest yesterday to finalize the Baptism arrangements. All is now set!

Here is a quick pulse check on the state of things:

  • Blogger seems much more responsive today. Many people have commented that they have had issues with blogger over the past few days and weeks.
  • I still don't hear a fast busy tone on my business line when I have voice mail waiting.
  • We are in day 3 or 4 of temperatures around 60 with no sun and the threat of rain. Quite depressing.
  • The proposal I'm working on has now slipped into June, which means I've put most of May on hold for nothing, and now I have to hold June. This is a total repeat of last year where I could not take a vacation in the spring because a proposal would "be out any second". That one slipped for most of that year.
I'll take some pictures of Loren tonight and post them. The picture above is from the end of April when we went to Sandy Hook, NJ for the day.


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BullBunky said...

Blogger ABSOLUTELY ticked me off this evening. I was posting, and sure enough, when I went to response. Fortunately, I had taken the precaution of copying my text to Word just in case. Well, later I found that Blogger had posted my entry THREE TIMES as it hung there. Funny.