Friday, June 02, 2006

Stardate 60418.90 - Staying in Ashburn

Since Cheryl is away and I am on a business trip and we didn't get to celebrate my birthday or our anniversary yet, we had a mini-celebration out in Ashburn where my friend Trent and his wife Jenny and their 1-year old Sheldon live.

It was Trent's birthday on the first (my anniversary) so we went out to the Wings Factory for wings and beer. The beer was a little disappointing...the first (Shiner Bock) was a little warm and a little flat. The second (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) was better, but still not icy cold.

Afterwards, we picked up Trent's favorite dessert, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and went back to his place where we had Shiner Heffewisen, chatted, ate dessert, and I got to see his new game-playing computer system. Quite nice.

Today I have a pretty busy day at work, followed by an evening work event. Then back home early Saturday for one last day of uninterrupted movie watching and cat petting before I pick up Cheryl and Loren from the airport. The week has actually gone by pretty quickly, especially with my short trip here at the end of it. I'm looking forward to their safe return on Sunday.

Herndon, VA

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