Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stardate 60435.36 - Weekend is Looking Nice

So my course book arrived from the Manhattan Sailing School yesterday, and I got part way through Section One last night. Tonight I have to read Sections One through Four and take the sample quizzes so that I'll be all set for the certification exam on Sunday. We have a class Friday night, then on-the-water practical exercises Saturday and Sunday. Right now they are calling for sunny weather and temperatures in the mid-70s for the weekend, which is better than the rain they were forecasting as recently as yesterday.

Loren was up at 0530 this morning after a pretty good night (was up once for a big feeding), so I was able to get to the gym for an hour this morning and Cheryl got out of the apartment by 0730, but apparently none of the early people were in and the office space was locked so she was unable to get onto the floor until 0820. So her day is off to a great start. :-)


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