Thursday, June 22, 2006

Supplemental - Politics

I'm not going to pontificate in a long post on politics, but if you are as frustrated as I am with both the Democrats and the Republicans there are a couple of sites you should check out:

I think Senator Tsongas hit the nail right on the head with the following quote:

"The core of America is not racist. It is not hostile to women. It is increasingly offended by gay bashing. Yet it abhors government waste. It believes strongly in fiscal responsibility such as balanced budgets. It is pro-economic growth. It is concerned about the environment. It is intolerant of people on welfare who disdain the notion of work. But it wants poor kids to have school lunches and it wants to spend money to have good schools. In sum, most Americans are sensible, good-hearted, and prudent. The issue, then, is whether there is a political party that can welcome them home."
---Senator Paul Tsongas


-s said...

Tsongas is trying to keep them out of the Libertarian party by mentioning school lunches. Well and also by leaving out "They are sort of nutty and don't like to agree with anyone else."

When I'm feeling down about politics, I think that I'd feel better if people went over to cafepress and bought the Ouch "Politics" CD.

JamesF said...

Yep, I find myself in the middle on a lot of issues. Some I'm fairly clearly in one camp on, some I'm in the other. Too bad there aren't really any moderates out there and the few that are get pressured into going further to one side or the other.

Peter said...

Thanks for the link! It is great to be included as such an influential force. Unity08 is a fantastic organization and has honorable intentions, though I believe their odds for success are extremely slim.

So many are disenfranchised with the system - I encourage all to join Unity08 and regularly read The American Moderate Party blog