Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stardate 60449.01 - Event in LA

If you are in LA (or if you are near LA, like my mystery reader from Chino Hills), there is an event this Friday you should attend.

I've copied most of the details directly from Jessica's blog, and I stole the picture on the left from Markland at b.la. Just click on the picture to see his post on the show.

Show proceeds to benefit the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

This is a topic that hits near to me as a co-worker of mine just passed away last week from Lymphoma. He was 34.

Friday, June 16th
7:30 PM
Improv Olympic
6366 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028


Paul Davidson
AJ Gentile
Carly Milne
Shane Nickerson
Annie Sertich
Jessica Mae Stover
Colleen Wainwright
Wil Wheaton

And if you go, tell Jessica that Curt in New York says "Hello".

Read all the details here.



communicatrix said...

Thanks for the plug. For the record, every time I see that image that Markland put together, I'm pissed that I didn't think of doing it for the graphic. The people, they like to see the people. Ah, well...

-s said...

The graphic just reminds me that I need a fabulous headshot instead of my crappy red bikini picture that doesn't come out well at a small size.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Steve - A shot of you in a red bikini would be quite...unforgetable.

But not in a good way.


-s said...

True. I pants'd myself while showing Ethan how to use the slip'n'slide the other day. Thankfully the neighbors on that side of the house couldn't see anything!

I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker -- I totally missed that part of the post when I read it the first time.