Monday, June 26, 2006

Stardate 60484.97 - Weekend Reunion

On Saturday James and Ginger hosted a large gathering of the old college gang at their place in NoVA. It was great to see everyone (some of whom I had not seen in probably 7+ years). It was a good time, we enjoyed catching up, and without further ado, here are the best of my pictures.

James cooks up the food.
Chip says, "I can drink with my eyes closed!"
Kim in the Kitchen
Alice Anne and Kellie hang out

Loren says, "I'm ready to eat, too!"

Griffin shows us the many uses for the paper bowls.
After lunch we take a quick trip to the park, but it was quite hot and humid.
Cheryl says, "Those had better not be the keys to my convertible!" Or maybe she is saying "Where are your parents?!?!"
Loren is exhausted. So many people and kids in one weekend!



JamesF said...

I'm still eating those hot dogs. Had them for lunch yesterday and today. And will have them probably for the rest of the week. You did a lot better job of getting pictures of everyone than I did. I don't have many shots of different individuals.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. It was really great seeing everyone. Lauren is a cutie!

BullBunky said...

These are really wonderful pictures!

CAPT_Sawyer said...

James - I should have packed some in our cooler bag with Loren's medicine. Didn't get enough at the party!

Kim - Thanks!! It was nice to see everyone!!

John - Sorry you missed it! You would have enjoyed it!