Monday, June 19, 2006

Stardate 60466.52 - Grandma's Birthday

Sundy Cheryl, Loren, and I went to New Jersey for her Grandmother's 80th birthday party at her Aunt Elaine and Uncle Dave's place on the water.
We had a nice time, and Loren enjoyed playing with everyone. The highlight of the event was when Dave and a neighbor were installing a floating dock and their small motorboat became untied and started to float away. Dave just missed catching the line with his foot, so he had to jump in (clothes and all) to catch it. Later I heard him say it was his third set of clothes for the day, but I'm not sure what happened to set number one.

We did not enjoy the Garden State Parkway on the way back. We didn't get home until late as all the North Jersey residents were returning home after spending the weekend at the shore. Once we got onto the Turnpike traffic was better. This is Dave and Elaine's view from their kitchen sink, by the way. Almost makes you want to wash dishes.

Today (Monday) Cheryl took Loren to the doctor to see why Loren has been unable to sleep at night for more than 90 minutes for a couple of nights. Loren also seems upset when she takes her naps. It turns out she has an ear infection. So now we have medication for her and she already seems happier and better. Also, two of her bottom teeth are very close to pushing through. And she has had a cold with a bit of a fever, although the fever seems to have ended yesterday. The end result of all this is that Cheryl and I are both exhausted, and Cheryl stayed home from work today with Loren. Tomorrow we plan to send her back to day care, as long as the fever remains gone.


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