Friday, June 09, 2006

Stardate 60438.09 - Almost Ready for Sailing Class

So last night I went down to day care and met Cheryl there. After picking up a happy Loren, we went to West Marine on West 37th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues to buy me some deck shoes and sailing gloves (so the ropes won't tear up my delicate skin!).


I read Sections Two and Three (and re-read Section One) yesterday afternoon (only managed to bill about 4 hours for work), and will read the final section of my textbook today. Then I should be completely prepped for my sailing class, the coursework portion of which starts tonight. Now I just have to figure out how much time it will take to get from here down to the dock.

After shopping, we went to a Korean place for dinner (I cannot remember the name, maybe Cheryl will post a comment with the name of the place). The dumplings were excellent, but we had this seafood pancake thing that was very, very greasy. It was too heavy and greasy - stay away from it. But they specialize in dumplings and they were outstanding.

Update: The resturant was Mandoo Bar on W. 32nd S.

Speaking of posting things to blogger, it is just my imagination or has blogger really sucked these past few weeks? I got an error message last night while trying to get logged in just to post something, Cheryl tried 6 or 7 times yesterday to post a comment to John's blog, and I am having longer waits and many more failures when trying to upload pictures. It is almost like Google wants everyone to quit using Blogger so they can shut it down. I swear, if I didn't already have years of entries up here, I'd think about switching to another site. I know it is free and all, but they need to keep it running or announce that they are shutting it down.



Cheryl said...

The restaurant was Mandoo Bar on W. 32nd St, the block with all the Korean barbecue restaurants. But I didn't want to go for barbecue because Loren is so wiggly I had visions of her diving into the barbecue grill. For those waiting for pics/stories from the Switzerland trip -- I wrote it up Monday night but have been waiting for a combination of free evening & Blogger working for Curt to attach the pictures and post it!

-s said...

Blogger has been terrible of late. Not sure if you have Hype Machine (a music blog aggregator) on your RSS, but each day for the last couple of weeks at least one of the blogs they cover has had a "what's wrong with blogger?" post.

JamesF said...

Yea, blogger has blown some chunks recently. I haven't seen the logging in problem or posting issues, but I have noticed their picture server seems to be overwhelmed. Recently I've had just about every blog I visit fail to load some of the pictures and for a while getting to the comments was tough also. You usually get the pictures to load after two or three page refreshes, but it has been pretty bad recently. My guess is the sheer number of people using the service has increased beyond the point that their current server farm is able to handle. That's just my guess though.

Tillerman said...

Good luck with the sailing course and exam this weekend. Looking forward to reading all about your sailing adventures here.