Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stardate 60430.99 - Good Night

Loren had a really good night last night - falling asleep around 7:30 PM and sleeping pretty much through the night until 5:30 AM this morning. She is almost back to a normal schedule. She got up in a good mood, so Cheryl pulled all the gear together and went down early with Loren so she could hit the gym before work (I went yesterday). Here is a picture of Loren waiting for an important phone call while Cheryl gets her stuff together for the gym.

Speaking of the gym, last week one day on my way back from the gym I ran into Mayor Bloomberg, almost literally. His car was dropping him off at one of the subway stations I pass on my walk/run back home, and he (and his security detail) got out right in front of me. I actually ended up cutting through his detail (probably not the brightest move) as they spread out on their way into the subway station.

It is cool (61 degrees) and rainy this morning - hope the weather is good for sailing this weekend!


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