Monday, June 05, 2006

Stardate 60426.65 - Back Home

Loren and Cheryl are back home safe and sound. Loren's sleep pattern is off a bit due to the jet lag (as is Cheryl's). Loren started napping around 5 PM and went to bed by 7:30 PM and then got up at 3 AM Monday morning. Cheryl fell asleep around 7:30 PM as well.

So I'm up with Loren now, trying to let Cheryl get some more sleep. Loren is playing with her toys, but she is a little cranky still - probably due to the jet lag. She seems to have gotten taller and heavier over the past week while overseas, and her manual dexterity has really gotten much more refined.

Since I've been up since 0300 it is going to be a long day today. Hopefully we can time shift Loren back to her regular sleeping hours today. I'm sure day care will love her today. ;-) Hopefully the chocolate Cheryl brought back for the day care workers will make up for any extra-special crankiness Loren has today. :-)



JC said...

This might sound weird but I think she has your eyelashes. :) I'm sure she'll take advantage of that and drive the boys wild at daycare. Glad everyone is back safe at home.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Yes, she and I both have freakishly long eyelashes. Cheryl also has fairly long eyelashes, so Loren is all set on genetic material for long eyelashes!


-s said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if she's back to normal in a month then you can consider yourself lucky. Every time we go to the east coast it takes that long for the kids to readjust, longer if they got sick (which they always do).