Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stardate 60461.39 - Brokeback Mountain

Cheryl and I watched Brokeback Mountain this weekend (in two installments, as it was 2 hours 15 minutes long).

I felt the cinematography was fantastic, and it would have looked really great on the big screen. The story was pretty good too, although I had a constant feeling of dread leading up to the end - dread of the "this cannot possibly end well" variety. The ending, however, was not what I had been expecting.

I thought the actors did a fine job as well. Complaints were that it seemed to drag in a couple of spots, and Cheryl thought that the actors did just an ok job with the aging process. She did admit that trying to play the same character over a 20-year span is difficult.

Overall, two thumbs up. Cheryl said, "Not a 5-star film, but a solid 4-star film."

See my Brother-In-Law's review here.

Oh, and in the ironic and humorous advertisement department, this arrived in our blue Valupack this week:


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