Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stardate 60490.35 - Jessica's Movie and How You Can Help

I know people think I pimp like hell for Jessica Stover, but I think her projects are worth supporting. If you want to be convinced as well, just purchase her book.

In the meantime, lets talk about movies for a second. Have you noticed recently that Hollywood just recycles the same old stuff with sequel after re-make after sequel after re-make?. Are you as bored with all that as I am? Do we really need Saw 3? Well, Jessica has a film trilogy, which on her site she abbreviates as TSL. It goes against the unspoken rule of the studio model because it's not based on a book, comic or other existing property. Based on reading her blog and her book, I think TSL needs to be made.

As an audience member you can stop complaining about how Hollywood doesn't deliver what you want to see and instead take action. If people start these Eventfuls all over the country and get their friends to say, "Yes if you make TSL and let them do it the right way then I will be there opening day with all my friends," then the numbers will be there. Perhaps Hollywood will listen and take a chance on something original that is not just a re-make, re-hash, or based on yet another comic.

Lets all be a part of what Jessica Stover calls, "the undeniable future victory of getting this film made." Click on the Eventful link and ask that her movie be made. Demand it!


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