Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stardate 60679.01 - Low Key Weekend

This was a pretty low-key weekend. We had lots of rain Saturday but not the extreme winds they kept calling for, so we ran lots of errands on Sunday (I really hate the shopping experience at the Costco in Queens). We went up to Angelique's place in Croton-on-Hudson on Sunday for her son Van's 1-year birthday party, but we forgot to take pictures (or more likely, were too busy with Loren to get the camera out!).

On Monday morning I went sailing with Josh from Thursday (he passed his skipper's test). It was a gorgeous day with great wind. Three of the crew were no-shows so we took out two people who were waiting for an open boat (some mix-up in their reservations). We went up the Hudson as far as the southern edge of Central Park (just past the Time Warner buildings). I got to test out my VHF radio as I communicated with North Cove to get clearance for our return to the dock. Pretty cool. Now that I know it works I can throw the box away.

We ate Ethiopian for dinner and Loren did really well (if Cheryl will put the name of the place in the comments I'll put a link here for the restaurant). It is pretty good, but not as good for the price you pay here as the place on the West Side we eat at sometimes.

Here are some pictures of her from the weekend.


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-s said...

Wait, there is such a thing as a good Costco shopping experience?