Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stardate 60711.83 - Washed Out

We had planned to go camping on Saturday out on Long Island, but since it rained all day Thursday and Friday, and there was a 30% chance on Saturday, we decided to cancel. Also, one of our cats (Magic) started acting ill on Thursday and still didn't seem to be well by Friday night so we made a vet appointment for him for Saturday.

Of course Saturday arrived bright and sunny and Magic got up much improved, so we canceled the vet appointment and spent the day running some errands. Cheryl also had some work to do. We did take Loren up on the roof to play some, but she was a little cranky and didn't last very long up here. Finally, we had dinner with Chris and Lisa.

Today we are off for a morning hike, and then I am going to try to get in a sail (although the sign up list still has "skipper needed" on the boat I'm assigned). Cheryl also has a Mommy's playgroup in the park this afternoon.



JamesF said...

Ok, I'll bite and ask a question I think I already know the answer to. The water drop picture, did you take that or is that a stock photo?

Too bad your roof isn't a green roof.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

The water came from Wiki's rain page. I should have just dropped it once I remembered I had the roof pictures to post.