Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stardate 60728.39 - Saturday Out of Town

Today we took care of the exciting things like laundry in the morning and then headed up to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets near Denise's place to do a little shopping. We also took a co-worker of Cheryl's who is coming off of a temporary contract and is going to London in a couple of week to work on her Ph.D.

After a bad experience waiting for a table at Appleby's (I still can't believe we waited for a table) we were treated to mediocre food and slow and inattentive service. I hate that chain, but it was a convenient place to meet Denise and I always am optimistic that chains can change. After lunch Cheryl and her co-worker shopped, while Loren and I went over to Denise's so Loren and Alison could play for a while.
After a couple of hours shopping, I picked them back up and we went back to Manhattan. Loren napped the whole way out there and the whole way back, so it was a very pleasant trip!

Tomorrow Loren has a playdate, and I think I'm going to either nap or read sailing material while she and Cheryl are out. Friday night was a bad night for Loren so Cheryl and I are pretty beat.



JamesF said...

The thing I always hate about Appleby's is their bar is always right there in the center of the restaurant. There's basically no such thing as a non smoking area. That coupled with the fact they use peanuts when cooking their food means we don't go there anymore (it's actually more because of the peanuts than the smoking, but the smoking would be enough on it's own to keep me away).

BullBunky said...

Well, the true problem with Appleby's is that their food is so darn boring. I truly think they are one of the worst. (Is Bennigan's still in business? THEY are the true worst!)

andy said...

Does Denise have any furniture in the house?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

James - The resturant is in New York State. There is no smoking section. Unlike tobacca country, we banned that foul habit up here.

John - You are right on! The food is bland and the chicked had been pumped full of salt.

Andy - Yes, it is just a big house and the angle I took the picture doesn't show any furniture.