Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stardate 60731.04 - Loren 2-Fist

Sometimes one sippy-cup just isn't enough. Loren practices for college by two-fisting her water in this picture. Check out the cool t-shirt -- it is from an awesome D&D comic called "Order of the Stick".

Today the playdate was canceled as the other couple are looking to buy an apartment and had their broker call them with a place to view today. So instead we took a walk down to H&M in the thirties on 6th ave to buy some fall clothes for Loren. We made a quick stop at Barnes & Noble for a couple of discount baby books and the latest issue of Cruising World for me. Reading that magazine makes me want to take a 12-month leave of absense and sail down the Atlantic Coast.

The subway back was horrible. The normal turnstiles were roped off, and only the "cheese grater" entrances were working and I had 3 bags, an umbrella, and the stroller to fit through there with me. If you don't know what I am talking about, think about trying to cram all that into a phone booth while it is spinning and you will get the idea. Then the train was crowded, someone with horrific body odor got on and stood next to me, and at our stop the group getting off ahead of us took forever getting off and we almost didn't make it out at our stop. That was the end of my patience for the day.


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