Friday, September 29, 2006

Stardate 60744.99 - Change

Yesterday afternoon I got a call to assist with a major proposal effort being run out of our Virginia offices. So one quick reservation later and I'm all set to fly down first thing this morning. Since the last time I flew several changes have taken place.

First, US Airways is now the preferred shuttle for our company. It was US Airways or Delta (although Delta was about $10 round trip more expensive, it was worth it). But we've renegotiated our corporate pricing apparently, and Delta is now $50 round trip more expensive. I just cannot justify that much of a differential so I had to return to the US Airways Shuttle this morning for the first time in a long time.

But first, at 0300 this morning the home phone rang. It was an automated message from USAirways telling me that my 0600 shuttle flight was cancelled. So I got out of bed and called the number that was left to try and get on the 0700 shuttle. Surprise, surprise! The 0700 was full. So I ended up on the 0800 shuttle (which didn't even take off until 0830) - so I got an extra hour or so of sleep, but I missed my morning meeting. Luckily, that was not the proposal meeting I had been asked to attend, so it wasn't too much of a big deal.

This year we also switched to National Car Rental from Avis. National used to be on the roof of the parking structure, but now they are in Avis' old spot. I discovered this once I was on the roof, so I had to take the stairs back down a flight to find National.

Checking out from National took longer than expected due to the fact that my American Express card expired in July and while I have a new card, it apparently is not on file with many of my transportation providers yet. So I had to dig the card out before I could drive out of the garage with my rental car.

In the garage at work, I found a spot but some ass in a BMW (and most BMW drivers are asses, in my experience [I said most, Brian!]) had attempted to take two spaces so his car won't get a scratch. Screw him. I crammed my rental in right next to him (I don't care if the rental gets a scratch - so ha!).

Since I got up at 0530 this morning it has been more than 5 hours since I ate (the plane ride was too bumpy to hand out bagels, apparently) so I am about to go down to the Cafe in the building to get lunch - which means I'll probably be starving by the end of my 1500-1800 meeting tonight.

And that is another thing - since the meeting "ends" at 6 PM, trying to make it back tonight is iffy. If the meeting ended right on time I might make the flight, but traffic on a Friday night sucks sucks sucks in the metro-DC area (actually, it pretty much sucks all the time) so there is a chance I'd miss it. And if the meeting runs late I'll be sure miss the last flight out (9 PM). So I'm staying overnight and flying back tomorrow morning, just in time for a social event with some friends.

And I'm staying at the Holiday Inn because it is close to the office and only $99 for the night.

McLean, VA


JamesF said...

There should be a law that say when people take two spots you should be allowed to damaged their car without any reprecusions.

And if we had known you were going to be in town, we could have made some plans for you to come over or something. As it is, we going with some folks for dinner at (wait for it...) Red Robin. The dinner is early though, around 6:30. You're welcome to join us if you want, but based on your meeting and trying to drive out to us, I'm not sure you would be able to make it (since if you could make it out to us, you could probably make the flight).

-s said...

You can always count on BMW drivers being asses. Even worse, if you see a Ford Explorer or Expedition in a position to do something stupid, assume they will, because, they will. I've avoided several accidents by using this simple bit of preparation.