Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stardate 60690.51 - Movie Review

Last night Cheryl and I watched The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. As James pointed out in one of his posts, Cheryl and I have over 200 movies in our Queue on NetFlix, so sometimes something floats to the top and surprises us.

This was a good movie, although it was a bit slow in some spots and had some choppy editing here and there.

(For full disclosure, we did have the windows open while watching it which was a little distracting, and Loren woke up every 10-15 minutes for the first hour after we put her to bed which was also a bit distracting). I'm not sure how I would have felt if I saw it in the theater, but for a rental we enjoyed it.

It was also very interesting to see Hugo Weaving (Elrond and Agent Smith) as a drag queen, but he pulled it off. We felt the movie was entertaining and give it two thumbs up. Not a great movie, but a good movie.

P.S. We are pretty sure it is yogurt that has some type of bad effect on Loren and makes for a very wakeful night. Soy yogurt doesn't have this effect on her, but regular yogurt does. So no more yogurt for Loren!



JamesF said...

At one point I actually started perusing your queue on Netflixs to see if there were any choices there I might be interested in seeing also, but after about 70 entries, it started bogging my machine down too much.

Which means, 1) Netflix code for acquiring and displaying the movies as you scroll through is pretty sloppy and only allocates memory and never releases it, 2) my machine needs more memory, 3) some combination of the above, or 4) you have too many damn movies in your queue.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

You can never have too many movies in your queue! That is the whole point of NetFlix (to me, at least).

-s said...

Movies? What are those?

Is Loren lactose intolerant?

-s said...

Following up...

Does she have the same reaction to cheese?

cheryl said...

She has rejected the cheese so far so I can't say. She loves yogurt and there are so few foods she'll eat significant quantities of... she does great with cereal, jar veggies & fruit, & Cheerios or puffs but so far has rejected anything lumpy, and any other finger food (we always tear up a little of whatever we're eating in case curiosity strikes). She'll gum crackers, chips, and fruit pieces but doesn't eat enough for them to really count yet. I don't think she counts as a picky eater yet but she's definitely been on stage 2 food longer than I expected. Anyway, we were never 100% certain it was yogurt causing the wake-ups -- the previous round was during day care switchover, teething, etc. -- but I had switched to soy at the pediatrician's suggestion. We've been having some good nights recently so I figured I would try the regular yogurt on a Friday, with no other changes to her diet, to find out for sure. The night was bad enough that I don't feel the need to do any more testing for now : )). We'll stick with the soy and try again in a couple months. If it is an intolerance let's hope she grows out of it before the switchover to cows milk. Or I can just breastfeed till she's 5 ; )). I know this was a long comment, but if I didn't go into detail certain readers, and they know who they are, would be full of questions.

As to Netflix -- the queue has gotten a little out of control lately but we've never had trouble loading it. If I hear about a movie that sounds interesting I go ahead and put it in the queue. Then we rearrange based on who's traveling, anticipated viewing mood, etc. We have not been watching as many movies lately so it's gotten pretty long.

-s, movies are an art form that some people watch in place of football ; ))

BullBunky said...

Heh, the 'out of control' queue was one reason that I stopped adding movies to our queue. I tend to add movies that sound good at the time, but we are never in the mood to watch :)

CAPT_Sawyer said...

movies are an art form that some people watch in place of football

Ok, maybe Pricilla isn't really high art, but you can substitute entertainment for art and the comment still stands.

It is all a matter of priorities and what people spend their free time doing. I prefer sailing. ;-)

-s said...

Football is easier to watch when there are potential distractions! :)

andy said...

The new graphics for displaying friends queue is dumb...although you can still view the entire queue by going to a different link.

Our queue is currently at 218, although series tend to skew things a bit.

As far as the milk issue goes, organic is great, Rice Dream f's up the system, and never tried soy.

-s said...

Soy milk is fine, though I would have it with Tony's Crunchers, which is the finest cereal on the market today.

I didn't find that it quelled potential morning issues though :)

CAPT_Sawyer said...

And what, exactly, is the fiber content of Tony's Crunchers? What is the first ingredient, sugar?

I remeber the good old days when the cereal was named what it was - like Super Sugar Smacks! Before they started to hide the fact that all that type of cereal is crap and not so good for you.

Jeff said...

I was just chastised by some of my friends recently that I have never seen this movie. I guess I bet add it to our Netflix list. :)