Friday, September 08, 2006

Stardate 60687.28 - No More Rad Link

Since Jessica Stover has dropped her "Rad Link" entry from her blog on the day that I sent in this beauty for her to highlight, I've no choice but to talk about it here. Here is a site where you can make your own seals. An amusing diversion, I think it is representative of the countless ways you can use the Internet and the countless interesting items you can find out there. Not to say everything is of equal value, but there are some interesting things out there. Here is what I made with it:

I ran across this gem from the Nodwick web site (Nodwick is a D&D comic - quite good and on my must read list. It usually updates every Thursday).


1 comment:

JamesF said...

Too bad that's "No More Rad Link" and not "No More Red Ink", I could deal with less Red Ink.