Friday, September 22, 2006

Stardate 60725.59 - Busy Week

I know I haven't posted much this week, but man has it been busy. I was in our office in Eatontown, NJ Monday through Thursday afternoon working on that same proposal I was out there a month ago for. I won't bore you with all the details, but it was an intense week with a tight deadline. I stayed with the in-laws while I was out there and got to see some new TV shows. I have to agree with James that I felt robbed by Two and a Half Men. An entire season of development and character growth (as much as you can have in a comedy) wiped away in the first 3 minutes of the premier. If it is just the same old same old for the next few episodes I may have to drop it. How I Met Your Mother was ok, but didn't really advance the story much - sort of lame for a premier actually, although Neil Patrick Harris cracks me up every time. I also caught NCIS, but with Gibbs in Mexico now how can they keep coming up with ways to get him back into every episode this season? They need to resolve that storyline pretty quickly. Get him back somehow, but don't have excuse after excuse every week for him to fly back up to help solve a case.

I know, this is a big long boring entry with no picture. I'm sailing late this afternoon so maybe I'll take my camera with me to get some good pictures and post those. Sorry for the light content this week! I'll try to be back on my game next week.


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JamesF said...

You must have been really really busy, you weren't the first one to order Jessica's new book. :-)

As for How I Met Your Mother, is Alyson Hannigan off doing a movie or something? Or has did she just not want as much screen time this season? And has it ever actually been established that the Bob Sagat voice narration character is actually Ted? I always think of this after I've watched the show and can never remember if the way the voice intros are worded whether it's clear that he's suppose to Ted in the future. I mean, I know they want you to think it's Ted, but I can't remember if the way things are said make it explicitly clear.