Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stardate 60736.84 - Loren and Marmots

As you may recall, back in late May/early June Cheryl and Loren went to Switzerland with her parents while I stayed home waiting for the Government to release a "Request for Proposal" (RFP) that my company was going to respond to; I was going to lead the cost volume so I needed to be available. Of course there was a delay in the release of the RFP, so I missed a trip to Switzerland (that RFP still hasn't been released by the way - now they think it might be the middle of October!).

Anyway, while there they all saw an exhibit on Marmots (it is a long story) and Cheryl purchased some Marmot sleepwear for Loren. It has finally gotten cool enough at night for Loren to wear footed PJs again, so here are a couple of pictures of Loren in those Marmot PJs. They are a little small, and we may end up having to cut the feet out of them as they just fit.

We also purchased a chair and ottoman for Loren, since she has been showing interest in chairs. It has been a huge hit and so I have a picture of Loren in the chair. It is from Land of Nod, which I believe is Crate & Barrel's kids line. And by the way the PJs have buttons, not snaps, so they tend to unhook easily - especially since Loren just fits in them. So please ignore the fact that part of her leg is visible in the chair picture. I noticed after I took the shot that she was only partially dressed!

I should also mention that walking, not crawling, is her primary mode of transportation now. I'm going to have to break out the cabinet locks this weekend and do some installations.



-r said...

Horrors we see Loren's bare leg!!;)

Cute chair...it looks really comfy and deep.

-s said...

It's good to see that you are nourishing her interest in chairs. I would have been worried about her development otherwise.

BullBunky said...

I think you can rest assured that if you had gone to Switzerland, then the RFP would have come out while you are away :)