Saturday, January 21, 2006

Captain's Log Supplemental - Things Left Behind

When Cheryl and I sold our home in Vienna, VA and moved to NYC, we had to leave a lot of things behind. We gave away a lot of furniture, and load and loads of books (that really pained me) along with bookshelves. We also gave away almost all of our plants. My friend Brian took most of them, but some got scattered among various people.

While I was in McLean for meetings this week, I happened by the space of my boss' Executive Assistant (secretary), and lo and behold, I saw something I recognized...the rubber tree plant Cheryl and I used to have! I had forgotten that I gave some plants to her (she worked for a different Principal in the Firm at that time), and apparently the rubber tree plant had not only survived these past 4+ years, but it had thrived!

What's the old saying about, "If you love something set it free, if it comes back its yours and if not it never was"? Is that applicable here? Perhaps not.

Or just maybe, "There are some things better left behind."

Or better yet, "There are some things better for having been left behind."

Holmdel, NJ

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