Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stardate 60056.66 - Going for a Ride

So Cheryl's Dad finally purchased a Toyota Prius. Cheryl's Grandmother has had one for a while, and her Dad has been singing its praises for years. He's been working on Cheryl's Mom to replace their Mazda Protege with one, and Carol finally gave in a couple of weeks ago.

So while we were in NJ this weekend Bill took Cheryl and me for a ride while Loren napped at their house and Carol baby-sat.

The car is pretty neat and it appeals to the science fiction nerd in me with the display showing where the power is coming from and tracking the MPG and everything, but Bill is way into it. Here Cheryl is pointing at something on the display and asking a question. She called shotgun so I ended up in the back. I forget how much MPG we averaged on the trip, but according to the picture there were several times we were just running on the batteries and not the engine.

I know that the extra cost doesn't really offset the gas savings for quite a few years, but I think the point is just to be driving something that is better for the environment. That's pretty cool.

Holmdel, NJ

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Anonymous said...

Hyper-cool! Ask JC about my uber-scary experience in a rental Prius for the run from Philly down to Baltimore.