Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stardate 60026.01 - They are wearing parkas in hell...

They are wearing parkas in hell...because it must be snowing there right now. That's right, the impossible has happened...my Cingular phone is finally working!

I checked the Cingular store locator web site to see what time the store near me opened this morning (it said 0900, but when I got there at 0945 the doors said 1000 so I waited 15 minutes). I then went to the store and told the person there about how Cingular told me to go to the store, get another SIM, and have the store personnel call this special number. The person at the store looked at me like I was an idiot. She then got another SIM, put it in the phone, and proceeded to activate it. In 20 minutes my phone was up and running. I don't know if it was her (doubtful) or if all the "technical team" efforts just made it so that the next SIM would work (more likely).

Anyway, my new phone is up and running! The saga officially ends!!

For those keeping score, Today is 13 business days after I ordered the phone, 7 business days after I first tried to activate it, and a whopping 12 calendar days after I first tried to activate the phone.

At least it is finally working.


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