Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stardate 60007.33 - Weight Check

Cheryl strapped on the Bjorn and went down to her class in the freezing rain today, and Loren weighed in at nearly 11 pounds (she was over 11 pounds just slightly, but she had a t-shirt and diaper on, so Cheryl guesses that she is really slightly under). We didn't get a picture of her adorable polar bear snowsuit (she was like a living teddy bear). I'll try to get that next time Cheryl takes her out. This photo is from later in the afternoon, when Cheryl tried Loren front-facing in the Bjorn for the first time so she could go get a package from downstairs. Loren was very happy until I got the camera out to take a picture, and then...well, you can see the result.

As I mentioned, Cheryl went to get a package. The packages in our building are finally catching up. We live in a 24-hour doorman building, which I never really cared about when we were looking for places in NYC 4 years ago, but now that we have it I don't want to ever live in an apartment without. One of the advantages is that the doorman can sign for packages. Normally I get an e-mail when one has arrived, but they had connectivity issues early in December, and then they got really far behind over the holidays. Cheryl went down this morning to pick one up, but they gave her one that arrived yesterday, so she had to go back down to say no, I have another one. And I just got an e-mail that yet another package has arrived. No-one probably finds this interesting, so I'll move on.

Jessica Stover does this cool thing where at the top of each post she lets you know where she is as she writes the post. As I am sure some of my travel will begin to pick up again, I've decided to steal her good idea, but as any good consultant would do I'll modify her idea to place it at the bottom, thus turning it into a new idea - mine.

I've been writing some fiction over the past month. It is based on our USS Excalibur crew, and I'm up to 9,000 or so words so far (about 45 pages double-spaced; two chapters). So far it is going very quickly. We'll see were it ends up once I am done. Jessica publishing her book inspired me to finally try to do some pseudo-serious writing.

Report filed from NYC.


-s said...

I don't really have much to say, but wanted to do this:

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

Speaking of filing a report...where is your review of John's Pizza in Manhattan where we took you last week?

-s said...

It's up.

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