Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stardate 60069.47 - Jessica Stover Updates

Since I know all my friends look to me for regular J.Sto updates, I wanted to pass along that Jessica Stover has started a complete make-over of her web site/blog. It looks pretty cool so far.

McLean, VA


-s said...

While I appreciate where she's taking the site (at least where I assume it's going -- appealing to those who may be buying, not just those who want to chat), her front page violates one of my web design rules.

Which rule? You need to design your site so that the blind (those who keep their monitors at 800x600) may be able to view it without side-to-side scrolling. That means a constraint of 750 pixels left-to-right or less. For example, the new frontpage banner is 700 pixels wide.

The only corollary to the rule is that people who keep their monitors at 640x480 don't deserve to have computers.

I have to have my browser fully expanded left to right to be able to fully view the graphic on the front page and still keep my favorites browser open. This is at 1280x1024 on my work 17" monitor. That's pushing it a bit.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Technically your concerns are not for the blind (which is another issue with most web pages) but for people who require a larger font/icon/etc.

Does the W3C still advocate 800x600 as the lowest common denomonator? Or has the world accepted that most people are at a higher resolution? Only 4% of my visitors are at 800x600. The vast majority (94%) are at 1024x768 or higher (the other 2% are "unknown").

-s said...

I don't know if the standard has changed. Around here there are still plenty of people at 800x600 because there are plenty of people over 40 who don't work in a technology-oriented business (or are too blind or backwards to care).

I think blog-readers are generally a little more saavy than your normal webuser. I wish I could give you some stats like that for stickydonut, because I think it has a better cross-section of users, but dreamhost's stats don't track that.