Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stardate 60018.87 - Quick Note

Since I am sure Monday will contain the mother of all rants against Cingular when my phone continues to serve as a paperweight and Cingular continues to fail miserably in their attempts to activate it, we'll try to post some Loren pictures and information on Sunday. We do have some good stories, we just seemed to spend all day today writing thank you notes for Christmas presents, going to the post office before the rates go up (if you're reading this note you are already too late), buying diapers, straightening up the apartment, etc. Tomorrow we'll try to write about Loren's first trip to the United Nations, her first database meeting there, and Cheryl may even break the poopy diaper rule to tell about what happenes when your child has a blow-out in your office. Lets just say that the travel changing pad from the diaper bag will need to be replaced...but perhaps I've said too much already.

Off to bed...Loren is grumpy, my back hurts, and we're all really tired. Tomorrow the tree comes down and all the Christmas decorations go back into the box.


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