Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stardate 60083.06 - A Day As Cold and Grey as Today

Suzanne Vega has a song with the lyrics, "...on a day, as cold, and grey, as today..." And while it is not particularly cold, it is particularly grey and rainy today. But I thought I'd share with all of you my little corner of the world when I am in Virginia working. I didn't use to have my own office down here. When I first moved to NYC I was an "Associate" and that level didn't warrant my own office in VA when I was living in NYC. After I was promoted to "Senior Associate" then I could maintain an office in McLean while living elsewhere. Of course, in my continued efforts to help the Firm keep costs low (just look at all the crappy hotels I've stayed at), I share the office with the Senior Associate in charge of our Rome, NY office. Usually we are not here at the same time, but when we are whoever gets here first gets the main desk, and whoever is second gets the little round table in the corner. The office is also used as temporary space by new hires, and as a place for my Vice President to park when she is in our building and needs a desk for a few hours (or a day). Oh, and that is a decaf skim latte for those who think I may have fallen off the wagon. I'm still off caffeine.

It is a pretty big office as far as space goes in the building, but it is an odd shape (sort of like a comma) with a tiny floor to ceiling window. My view is also rather uninspiring (at least I have a window), and as I don't like to use the overhead lights it is usually dark until the afternoon sun shines directly in through the window, blinding all who enter my door.

I'm just glad to be getting back home. Loren is progressing pretty quickly developmentally and I hate to miss things, like her first time being able to be pulled into a standing position from being flat on her back.

McLean, VA

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