Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stardate 60059.06 - Houses in Holmdel

So for fun on Sunday after church we went to an open house in a development near where Cheryl grew up. It used to be a farm, but now is "The Vineyard" and is full of million-dollar homes. Cheryl said it is called the "Vineyard" because "The Soybean Field" didn't have the same panache.

The home was listed at a little below $1.3M and had 3800 sq ft finished and another 2000 or so unfinished in the basement. Of course, they had more crap in their basement than Cheryl and I have in our entire apartment!

We don't go for the big columns in front, but the layout inside was actually pretty nice. The carpet and color scheme would need some changes, but the flow was nice. It had four bedrooms upstairs and one "extra" room downstairs. It was up on a hill so the views from the second floor were not bad.

They did have an interesting master bed, which matches a wine rack we got for our Wedding. Cheryl couldn't resist snapping a picture.

Holmdel, NJ


-s said...

You so want to move to Holmdel, you social climber you! :)

CAPT_Sawyer said...

We looked at this house because:

A. It was walkable from the in-laws.
B. We wanted to know what a $1.2M+ home looked like in Holmdel.
C. It was after church and we had nothing better to do.

Holmdel is not commutable to NYC as far as Cheryl is concerned, so we are not preparing "to move to Holmdel" anytime soon.

If we start looking at places on Park Ave and Fifth Ave you can call us social climbers. ;-)

-s said...

I know. As a teenager I spent more time in that neighborhood than I'm sure the developers would have liked. Back then the Vineyard started at 600K -- the houses down the hill by the school were the first ones put up.

There's way too much Beverly Hillbillies money in Holmdel -- first generation new money running away from NYC and building palaces of excess everything but trees. Trees are bad.