Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stardate 60045.46 – The List

I think there was an episode of Friends, although it may have been Seinfield I just don’t remember, where they were talking about people’s lists. Specifically, a list of people with whom you were allowed to cheat on your spouse/significant other. The list had to be people who were unattainable, so movie stars could be on the list but neighbors/friends/co-workers/etc could not. The thought was that since you had no chance with any of these people anyway, it was alright to have “permission” to sleep with them if the opportunity arose. The list had to be small, also. I think three or five people maximum. If anyone can remember what show first talked about this, please drop a comment.

Anyway, we were watching Alias Season Two on DVD the other day and Cheryl commented, “Vaughn (Michael Vartan) is on my list.” It occurred to me that I had not revisited my list in some time. So here it is, in no particular order:

  • Kate BeckinsalePicture. Underworld. Such a great look. I need say no more.

  • Paige DavisPicture. I’ve had a crush on her ever since the first Trading Spaces episode I ever watched. Cheryl says its ok to have her on the list because she and Cheryl have similar physiques.

  • Keira KnightleyPicture. Although she is way too young for me, I’ve had her on the list for a couple of years.

  • Meg RyanPicture. I think she was the first person to go on my list, before I even knew about the list. The Presidio sealed the deal for me.

  • Scarlett JohanssonPicture. Scarlett went on my list after Lost in Translation but she is probably the first person I’d bump off the list to make room for someone else.

Doubt I’d get Cheryl to post her list, but who knows?



-s said...

It was Friends. I forget which actress Ross has bumped off his list as being too "international," and then at the end of the episode she showed up at the coffee house.

-s said...

Isabella Rossalini (sp?) was the one.