Friday, January 20, 2006

Stardate 60053.47 - More D&D in Person

One advantage of traveling to McLean for the past two weeks is that we get to play D&D in person rather than over the Internet. Don't get me wrong, with broadband and Skype and Fantasygrounds playing on-line is so much better than the days of old crappy NetMeeting, but there is just no substitute for being there in person.

Here are our characters, having just finished off some nasty, heat-sucking brown mold from the inside of a coffin and now we are looking to see how to activate a special key hole we found in the bottom of the item. Later in the evening we went down the trap door (marked with the "X" and a circle) and had our butts kicked by a mummy. But we lived to fight another day, and his re-death will be coming at our hands...just not last night.

I won't harp on this subject any more as I beat it to death last week.

McLean, VA

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