Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stardate 60028.61 - New Planes for Delta Shuttle

I was thrown for a bit of a loop as I boarded the Delta Shuttle flight at 0600 this morning and the plane wasn't right. Apparently, Delta Shuttle replaced its 737-300G aircraft with MD-88 aircraft, configured as a single-class cabin with 134 leather seats. This increased capacity, while changing the internal configuration to 3x2 instead of the 737's 3x3 seating. This threw me as I have a "normal" seat that I like to fly in on these shuttle flights. Now I have to pick a new seat!

The plane did seem very new and clean inside, but the issue with the MD-80 series airframes is that the engines are mounted on the plane in the back, not under the wings. It makes for a noisy rear of the aircraft, which is where I normally sit.

For Steve's benefit, my breakfast consisted of a bagel (better than you'd expect, but not great) and OJ.

I hope to talk Cheryl into posting some updates over the next couple of days, but she will have her hands full with Loren now that I am on a short bit of travel, so don't hold your breath.

Oh, and my new phone has been performing quite well. No issues so far. My friend Ryan has given up, justifiably.

For your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of my office in McLean and my view through my single, tiny window. (I should have mentioned that these were taken by my new phone...the quality and resolution seem pretty good for a camera built into a mobile phone, I believe.)

McLean, VA

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JamesF said...

How long you in McLean? And do you have dinner plans for each night?