Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stardate 60009.21 - Sorry, But Another Rant

Babies generate a lot of laundry. Every time Loren spits up on something, we have to add it to the hamper. Babies also have sensitive skin, so we can't send her clothes out as we do our own. Instead, we wash them ourselves. Our building has a laundry facility in the basement, with about 12 washers and 12 dryers. The general "rule" I believe for all laundry facilities is that you take your single washer load and place it into a single dryer.

Well, let me tell you about my experience last night. Cheryl got the laundry started, but by the time things were ready for the dryer, Loren was feeding so I went down. There were about 6 dryers available at the time. My laundry had about 3 minutes left, so I just hung out there, skimming the book titles on the small "library" that was established in our building by a very short-lived tenants association. A woman (referred to as the "Bitch" in the rest of this post, which is a nicer word than I called her when I got back to my apartment and was venting to Cheryl) came in whose laundry had finished the wash cycle, and then she proceeded to take her three loads of laundry and spread them out over 5 dryers. She would have taken all 6, but before she could finish my laundry was done and I had started to put clothes into one of the dryers. I had three washer loads of laundry and I got one...that's right, one...dryer. She had 3 loads and got 5 dryers. So I had to wait in the laundry room for about 20 minutes, at which time one of the other non-Bitch dryers had finished and someone came to retrieve her clothes. So I got one more of my loads into a dryer. I did not get another dryer until my first one finished.

Oh, did I mention that our dryers are on 30 minute cycles, but that you can re-insert your cash card and increase the time? The Bitch did all five of her dryers. She put 45 minutes on them all.

I am amazed at:
  1. How stupid the human race can be
  2. How inconsiderate the human race can be
Does no-one learn the Golden Rule anymore?
Report filed from NYC.


JamesF said...

Just curious, does the timer keep running if someone were to 'accidently' open the door and stop the dryer?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

I should have just opened all her doors after she left and then closed them again, letting the timers slowly tick away while her clothes sat in a wet pile....

I'm just too damn nice.

Ryan said...

I know the Golden Rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.