Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stardate 60012.17 - Latest on Cingular

So no calls from Cingular yesterday, although I had been assured that I would hear from them Wednesday ‚“at the latest”. So I turned off my old cell phone and about 10 minutes later turned on the new one to see if there was any difference in my status.

It still says ‚“no service”. So I’m going to call them back to see what the hell is going on.


Cingular is getting more efficient at telling me that they suck. After only 10 minutes on the phone with "Ede" (1108-1118) she had tried, and failed, to activate my phone for what must be the fifth or sixth time. And of course, she had no information on the technical "solution" that was supposed to have been worked. So she sent an e-mail to Lisa to have her call me to let me know an updated time that they think they can get this issue resolved.

At this point, I am ready to take the phone back to the store, demand a refund on it, got to T-Mobile and transfer my number to them, paying whatever the f*** I have to pay to get out of my contract with Cingular. This entire situation is beyond ridiculous.


It is now 4.5 hours since Ede was going to send an e-mail to Lisa, asking Lisa to call me with an update. I'm sending another letter to the President of Cingular once this is all over, telling him/her how much their company sucks. I'm going to look at the T-Mobile page now, to see how their plans look.



Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

When you send your letter make sure that you send them a picture of a stats page and the URL for your blog and comment on how you are sharing your customer experience with not just your friends and family, but the entire world. Post the Cingular address. I will send them a copy of my customer experience post...which I need to update BTW...any bets on if my issue will be resolved with any better timeliness?

Rick Anderson said...

Nextel. Done.