Friday, July 07, 2006

Stardate 60515.15 - Subject Line Here DVD

I started with a picture of Loren so my family won't complain that the last post or two have not been about her. :-)

Moving on...several LA bloggers got together for an event last month called Subject Line Here. Once of these was Jessica Stover, often mentioned in this blog. They recorded the show and it is now available on DVD, the proceeds of which are going to the charity the show supported. This is your opportunity to find out first hand "What is up with this Jessica person?" by having a crash course on video. It is only $15. You probably already spent that much on Coffee this week. But you have to order by the 15th of July so act fast.

Click here to find out how to order.

And if you live in the metro-DC, metro-NY, or Richmond, VA areas and have not "Demanded" Jessica's screenplay be made into a movie through Eventful yet, please click on the appropriate box off to the right and do so.



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