Friday, July 28, 2006

Stardate 60573.80 - Vacation Begins!

Our Vacation has now begun!


Wednesday night I had dinner with John (he was in town for the same business meeting Wednesday evening). Thursday I went out with the old gang from my first job after college.

We had a few beers and chatted about what was new as well as rehashing all the same old stories - they just never get old! Then Friday Cheryl and Loren came down on the train and Jen picked them up (I was working). After showing Loren off a little at the office, then we decided to call it a day and split.

Chapter 1

After work was done on Friday, Cheryl, Loren, me, Jen, Andy, Trent, Jenny, and Sheldon all had dinner together at Picante (Cheryl's favorite restaurant in the metro-DC area).

Afterwards Andy and Jen went home and we went back to Trent and Jenny's to spend the night. Loren and Sheldon entertained us by getting all spun up playing together (all new toys for Loren!) and we finally got Loren down into the crib (for the second time) around 9:45. Now Cheryl and I are in bed as I am typing this (she is reading a book - we are quite the party animals at 10:06PM!).

Tomorrow we have lunch with some friends of Cheryl's from her Demography Master's program days, and then we are off to my Mom's place for a week of relaxing vacation! Cheryl might even get to take a nap on a day or two.

Ashburn, VA


JamesF said...

Generic commented that hopefully doesn't offend anyone and set off another flame war in the comments again.

Ok, I lied, my real comment is "Curt retelling old stories, that's so unlike him."

CAPT_Sawyer said...

They're funny 'cause they're true!