Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stardate 60569.51 - Embassy Suites

Such a simple idea, but the great ones usually are. Instead of a cramped, tight hotel room with a chair crammed into one corner why not provide a suite? Two rooms, separated by a door, with seating for 5+ in the living area and a separate bed room with its own TV and window - such great space!

I usually have awful things to say when I travel, but I have to tell you that the Embassy Suites hotel line (a Hilton property) is rapidly becoming my favorite place to stay. The one near our office in Herndon is fantastic and I have always had a pleasant stay. The location is close to Dulles Airport, and the access/toll road is about 30 seconds away. Plus Herndon is just to the north, providing a wide selection of places to eat or purchase groceries. The drive into DC isn't even that bad from out here, as long as you don't go during rush hour.

I'm getting together tonight with some former co-workers from my time as a Government employee (more than 10 years ago!). I think I'll bring my camera and take some shots, although I don't have my camera download cable with me. May have to ask Cheryl to bring it down on the train tomorrow.

Herndon, VA

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