Monday, July 10, 2006

Stardate 60523.21 - Need a Favor from All of You

To all the loyal readers of this blog - I need a favor from you. Every single one of you.

I sent an e-mail out to many of you recently asking you to click on a link. Some of you did so, but many of you have not. The quick story is that a friend of mine in LA is trying to get her screenplay greenlit so it can be made into a move. A good movie. Better than what is out there now. If you don't help her out then you are clearly supporting bad movies like Van Helsing 4.

I'm asking you again on this, the day of the official launch of Jessica's Eventful campaign, to take action and do me a favor.

Here is what I am asking you to do:

  1. Click on these words to go to the Eventful site for Jessica Mae Stover.
  2. Find your city or one very close to your city in the list and click on the "Demand It!" button.
  3. Enter your e-mail address.
  4. Confirm your request when you get an e-mail from the Eventful site.
It is that simple. Really. That is all I need you to do. And I'll owe you one. And when I start sending individual e-mails to every person I know you can say, "Dude! I totally clicked on it already!"

If you want extra special bonus points, tell all your friends about this blog entry and ask them to join the demand as well. Then I'll really owe you.

If you want to help but your city isn't listed, then leave me a comment here and I'll set up your city for you. Then you can just follow the instructions above. If you are computer-savvy and have extra time and don't need my help, then just follow the link above and then click on "start a new demand in your own city" and follow the instructions. I think most of my readers can handle that.

Be part of the undeniable future victory of getting this film made!



-s said...

I'm not an insider or anything, but does she really want one of the big studios making her movie? That's the easiest way to have it stripped of any creativity or soul.

If she wants to make a good movie, she should do it herself and hit up Robert Rodriguez or one of the other tech-savvy indies for CGI help.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

She has talked to some producers and shopped the script around a little bit and the concensus is that to do it right will require a budget of $100M per movie. Not sure a small movie house could do that.

But I'm not in the industry so you'd have to ask her that.

Buddy said...

---just wanted to let you know that I demanded it (via Richmond, VA).

---also I would like to meet my brother since I have only been told by my parents that I have two sisters :-)

---although I would gladly claim relation to any of those guys at Virginia Tech.

I have enjoyed reading your blog

Dave said...

To anyone who thinks it can't be done, look at Joss Whedon's Firefly. Fan support took a cancelled television series and turned it into a full-length feature film....that did well at the box office.

Failure to support this movement negates your right to complain about any movie you see from this day forward.

Good post, Curt.

-s said...

I'm not sure if some of Dave's vitriol was meant for me. Hmmm.

Anyhow, I didn't know the budget at the time of my comment. Of course most small houses can't swing that. Most big houses aren't going to give that up easily either. Here's a list of the most expensive films ever (not adjusted for inflation). At that level of cash there are going to be alot of fingers in the pot (and that's just the producers, associate producers, and executive producers, nevermind people who are actually involved on the creative side), so I will remain skeptical about the studio not shitting on it until I see it (and if she does get it made I will buy the book so I can compare).

I'm not sure if the Firefly comparison is the best one -- there was already a tv show so the concept was in the hollywood pipeline. I would think (because from what I've seen she is talented) the way in would be the Robert Rodriguez way or the Blair Witch way -- do something creative, clever, and cheap and build the rep and buzz that gets studios excited. But again I'm completely on the outside on this one.

-s said...

Wow -- I thought you were a big JS fan, but then I went to dave's page. You are practically a hater.

Do you get to be in the movie for all the pimping you've done? Is there a white hairy ape part? :)

Rick Anderson said...

-s link to wiki shows that big $$ doesn't mean squat to producing movies - I had to go a long way down that list to find a good movie and then another long way down to find the next.

dave - another wingman as nutty as Curt - by the way, I like the site - great sense of humor

-R said...

It is true that big money does not mean good movie. But if studios are going to shell out big money, they will dictate the content of the product. I think -s's point is that with a big money movie, JS is going to have to relinquish some amount of creative control.

JM said...

Good film starts with a solid screenplay and the right storytelling/production mindset.

And, film is a communal endeavor: I don't know that I could control a film even if I tried, or that I 'd want to. The key is to be able to leverage a good contract and establish a great team in all areas so that you can protect the project and don't have to worry about control because, in that regard, you are free to do your job without constraint and everyone helps make the project better. It's all about having the right people. Also, often checks are a good thing. I'm sure we can each think of a few recent, big director projects that could have used more checks, and "no's" and revisions.

Finding the right director and other exec. producer helps set the tone of the work. Like I said, it all comes down to people.

Do what you can to enable me if you believe, and then let me worry about this stuff: It's nothing I haven't thought about, researched, experienced and am not planning for. After all, it is my job. :-)

Fantastic comment string. I never comment this much on other sites: You guys impressed me and challenged me and drew me out-- ha!


Dave said...

*scritching his head*

Who are you calling an ape, -s? :)

As for the Firefly comparisson, generally speaking, feature films aren't made from television shows that fail in the first season. Although it was an existing property, it was DVD sales and fan interest that made the feature possible. Jess' endeavor is admittedly not the same...but similar. Basically, the powers that be just need to be shown that there is interest in a film like this that can be translated into $$$$.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

He is calling me an Ape - reference to my lily-white chest and ape arms, clearly visible in the swim class entry. Since he is my brother-in-law, he's allowed.


-s said...

Here's my next question, because this topic is rather interesting (I'm not being skeptical here, I'm actually curious how this all works) --

I haven't read the script, but from the brief description, how do you avoid "Lord of the Rings" comparisons? Or, more specifically, how do you avoid having it marketed as "the next Lord of the Rings trilogy"?

-s said...

Dave -- I don't insult anyone I don't know personally by calling them an ape, as it is bad form. Knowing that you are a Canadian, I would have said something like "Dave, you can be the guy who brings the good maple cream cookies, but no screen time for you."

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Everyone - Jess is having trouble responding to all the comments left across all the blogs which contain information about this effort. If you have any questions about this, please ask her directly by posting a comment to her entry on this subject. She will certainly answer all questions there.