Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stardate 60569.68 - Demand Grows

The demand for Jessica Stover's movie continues to grow. Over 220 people have stated that they want the premier in their city, and regardless of where it is will purchase a ticket to attend the movie when it comes out. Metroblogging in LA just wrote a story about it.

If you can get more friends and family to click on demand it! that would be great!

If you don't know what I am talking about, click here to see my original post.


Herndon, VA


JamesF said...

Post by Curt on July 25, 2006:

all of my 40+ regular readers

Posted by Curt on July 26, 2006 in the comment of the referenced interview:

my own small blog (which is read daily by about fifty friends and family)

Dang, you managed to increase your readership by 10 in just one day. You apparently could teach this Sto person a thing or two about marketing. At this rate you'll have more than 1500 readers by the end of the year.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Since January 1, 2006 I've had 8,125 visits with 13,423 page views. The average number of daily visitors has been 39.25.

Since we started this eventful campaign (July 10, 2006), I've had 948 visits with 1,533 page views. The average number of daily visitors has been 55.76.

JamesF said...

I didn't need proof or confirmation. I should have included something to say I just just joking. I simply found it amusing that you quoted two different sets of numbers on consecutive days.

But since you do provide the numbers, then if I take 8,125 - 948 and divide by 190 (days from Jan 1 2006 to start of Demand campaign on July 10) I get ~37.77 on average (I think that's correct, feel free to check my math). Still highly impressive numbers when compared to my pathetic excuse for a blog (more than double the numbers actually). But based on that calculation it would appear that the Demand campaign has increased your average by even more than you initially thought.

Statistics are fun.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

My quotes are estimates. I’m not entering into a binding agreement here, just tossing out some numbers that do have some basis in a quantatative measurement.


I do get a lot of traffic from Jessica’s site and the other people supporting the eventful campaign.

-s said...

Keep in mind that R and I use up to four different computers during the course of the day, which may or may not skew your results. Also, the cookies get cleared on a couple fairly often.

Our household is one big skew machine!

JamesF said...

Well, I didn't mention that we have 3 different computers at our house, one with two logins, and I check it from work too, so I'm skewing the results too.

-s said...

So the number is probably 4 or 5, depending on whether Cheryl checks that day.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Ok, you fucking bastards. You are not contributing that much to the total. I track it by city, so I know exactly how many hits I have from Salem, for example. Stop trying to tear down my successful blog because you aren't happy with your audiences of 4.


-s said...

I do better than 4. Well with salemfood anyways. Betahat gets about 10 a day. Salemfood gets 30-35/d when I haven't posted in a while, 40-50/d when I post regularly, and some posts will draw 80-100/d. It's a little bit different because alot of the material is long-tail stuff, so my constant updating isn't totally necessary. I am constantly surprised by how many people from outside Oregon the site gets, seeing that the topic is fairly limited.

-s said...

Not every blog can have a topic as important and far reaching as the life of Curt!:)

CAPT_Sawyer said...

The point is, I have 40-50 non-RSS hits per day, plus anyone using RSS to read the posts. Cheryl and I also own 2 computers, plus Cheryl might hit your pages from work. So that is 3 hits that are really 2 people. It is not an exact science. I still believe I have some pretty good numbers for a blog about me. And yes, it is all about me. :-) And I do track by city, so I know if I get 5 or 10 hits a day from Salem. I also know from which site someone comes to my blog, so I know who is directing traffic to my site. And there is a lot of traffic from Jessica's site and the sites of the other people helping with the DemandIt! effort. Have you even checked the referrals to see how much additional traffic your blog got (-s) since Jessica put up a link to it? How many referrals from her site?

So don't disrespect my numbers. They are not fantasy. And I use that leverage to help Jessica. People will pay more attention to a site with daily updates read by a larger, stable audience than to a site with infrequent updates and a small audience.

We all work hard to update very frequently. Hell, James posts a new entry every single day - a feat I am close to but will never achieve. So I guess I am a little protective on my numbers.


Don't hate the playah, hate the game.

Don't be a playah hatah!

-s said...

Talk about language, that taken out of context, would mean something much different...

So don't disrespect my numbers. They are not fantasy. And I use that leverage to help Jessica.

Google analytics is a wonderful thing. Google is my biggest referrer, referring almost 10 times as many folks as the next highest site (yahoo) (for July anyways). It's also almost three times direct hits. Because salemfood is pretty much the only site with Salem restaurant write-ups we tend to get alot of hits from people looking to read about a specific restaurant, not so much to read what I have to say.

Your blog is the highest non-search engine referrer, not too far behind yahoo as far as numbers go.

I've gotten 18 from Jessica's site, but they don't stay and read much (lowest pageviews of any referrer.)

I don't know how James does a new entry every day. R reads his blog religiously.

JamesF said...

Holy crap, I really didn't mean to start this. I really was just yanking Curt's chain about his bump in quoted numbers in one day.

Curt, I'm really not trying to 'tear down' anything. While the numbers you quote probably are a little high, they're still (in my mind) quite respectable for a small non sponsered non commercial blog. As I said before, my numbers are under half that by comparison. I think I average maybe mid twenty unique views a day, and I know for a fact that 3-5 of those are Ginger and myself. Do the double dipping math for another couple people, and I'm probably lucky to be in the mid teens. But I have noticed that they're all regulars, I don't get a lot of hits from people I don't know (the same addresses show up over and over), except for right around the time I put up an entry which I assume is when your blog gets put into that "random next" blog button list.

And as for the new entry every day, I have to admit, that's getting harder and harder to maintain. Seriously, how many more times can I post pool pictures before that starts getting old (yea, I know, too late, it's already old).

Steven said...

This is blog is awesome. Glad I found out about it via JSDC. I'll be coming back daily from now on.

-s said...

Curt you don't have to post as "Steven" to impress us. Really.

I figured I'd stop by and comment because I'm bored and both of my sites on dreamhost are down right now due to a power outage in L.A.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

I think this entry has generated more comments than any other post I have made.

Alright! I took the damn bait and snapped back at everyone. Now I'll make a new post so we can all move on.

P.S. And I didn't post as Steve!

-s said...

Just found a new stat -- visitor loyalty. Salemfood has 925 people who have been to the site 201+ times (and 600 more who have visited 51 or more times). The site has only been up for 300 or so days!